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A photo of a subway wall covered in sticky notes.

“Subway Therapy” Has Made Quite the Impact

The walls of the Union Square subway station in Manhattan are usually decorated by ad space—glossy posters of models and sets, products and premieres. What decorates them now is about as far from that as can be. “Subway Therapy” began in the hours immediately following the election results on November 8th. It’s art by the […]

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A photo of a creepy looking haunted house, shown in black and white.

Doomocracy: The Election-Themed Haunted House

Pedro Reyes considers haunted houses to be a slice of American folk art—a seasonal display that every town and city in the country puts on for their own entertainment. Reyes, an artist with a history of social cynicism, is excited about the haunted house show he’s about to put on in cooperation with the New […]

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Liu Bolin atop the Great Wall

The Portrait is Political: Liu Bolin Hides In Plain Sight

What do a gun rack, heavy face paint, and art with a political edge have in common? Liu Bolin. Bolin is a contemporary Chinese artist, famous for his pictures of iconic or colorful places that also feature him blended into the image with the help of elaborate makeup. He often poses in front of vibrant […]

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Fawzia Koofi is Afghanistan's first female parliamentary speaker and hopes to be its first female president.

Fawzia Koofi: A Voice for Afghan Women

Fawzia Koofi is an Afghan woman who is speaking out for change in a big way: she’s running for President of Afghanistan. She’s already the country’s first female parliamentary speaker, and has authored a memoir called The Favored Daughter that addresses the daily struggles Afghan women face. Fawzia Koofi is just one story in a […]

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