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A photo of a woman pressing the start button on a fax machine.

‘Artifax’ is Protesting Budget Cuts to the NEA by Faxing Art to Congress

If there’s anything this past election has shown us, it’s that there is more than one way to protest. Those who disagree with budget cuts to the NEA have taken to the streets to hold marches. They’ve written to their state representatives. They’ve made countless phone calls to government officials. And yet, they still feel […]

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People Are Protesting Renoir

In strange but also-kind-of-funny art news, a group of people gathered outside of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston last week to protest French impressionist painter Renoir. The group’s purpose was to project their hatred of Renoir’s work, holding signs that said “God hates Renoir” and “Put some fingers on those hands!” The protest, […]

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Bouska himself poses for his now famous NOH8 campaign. Image: NOH8

Adam Bouska Leads the Charge For Human Equality

Adam Bouska is an award-winning fashion photographer that has worked with dozens of celebrities and well-known faces over the past few years. While his main work is running his own photography studio in L.A., he has gained an immense amount of visibility for his most recent work with the NOH8 Campaign. Adam Bouska, a co-founder […]

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