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A photo of cars passing through a toll booth.

New York Tollbooths to Be Revamped into Art

On Wednesday October 5th, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York’s congestion-causing tollbooths are all to be removed in a total revamping of the Mass Transit Authority-run toll bridges and tunnels. They’ll be replacing them with open-road tolling, an automatic process using EZPass and cameras, a system widely in use elsewhere in […]

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A photo of a colorful sculpture in the park.

Model to Monument

In a public ceremony on June 16th, seven up and coming artists from New York City’s Art Students League will reveal their new sculptures. They are the sixth year of Riverside Park South’s “Model to Monument” program. And its last. But don’t mourn: M2M has filled the park with nearly 50 sculptures since 2010, some […]

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panorama public art high line

3 Public Art Shows You’ve Got to See this Spring

New York City is one of the most prolific cultural hubs in the United States, and it goes without saying that its vibrant art scene is unparalleled. From the Outer Boroughs to Manhattan, independent artists and commercial galleries alike always have something compelling to offer, and happily, the warm weather ahead means that art doesn’t […]

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Welling Court Mural Project

Welling Court Mural Project Honors Community and Culture in Fifth Annual Event

Earlier this month, the Welling Court Mural Project commemorated its fifth annual celebration of “streets, solidarity, community, and culture,” in an arts event that brought graffiti artists from around the world together in Astoria, Queens. Explains the event’s organizers, “The Welling Court Mural Project began in 2009 when Ad Hoc Art was invited by the […]

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candy chang artist

Public Art Fosters Local Culture, Strengthens Communities

Public art – be it an interactive arts community like the Gramsci Monument, or the works of a local graffiti legend like Lady Pink – has the power to enrich communities and change lives. All at once provocative, engaging, and aesthetically profound, we think that public artworks of all kinds are truly remarkable. Here are […]

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‘Snow’: A Wintry Story by Brooklyn Artist Shelley Jackson

Some artists create masterpieces on traditional materials like cloth canvases. Others prefer to work in installation, forming abstract works that take up entire rooms or even protrude into public space. And if you’re Shelley Jackson, you’ll create stories and works of art on canvasses made from dolls, or skin, or even snow. Simply, and aptly […]

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5Pointz Artists to Feature Work In Upcoming Gallery Show

When 5Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin’, also known as the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, closed its doors in late 2013, it marked the end of an era. Originally founded in 1993 by Pat DiLillo, over time 5Pointz had evolved into a graffiti mecca, where artists could come and proudly display their work on the […]

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creative time brooklyn museum

Creative Time Ignites Conversations Through Public Art

Public art, both the grand and the restrained, has the power to ignite critical conversations about social issues, and can make us look at shared spaces in entirely new ways. One organization that is dedicated to sparking these conversations is Creative Time, a New York-based nonprofit that was formed to support the creation of groundbreaking […]

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As Queens’ Economy is Revitalized, Its Cultural Identity Shines

“Remember old New York, where immigrants strived, cultures collided, grit outshined glamour and ethnic restaurants were filled with ethnic crowds, not Instagramming foodies? Before Manhattan commerce was diluted with H&M and Starbucks, and Brooklyn became half hipster playground, half suburb substitute? That city lives on in Queens…” ~Seth Kugel for The New York Times Queens, […]

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