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A picture of the Bronx bridge.

‘Sunbather’ Statue Causes Controversy in Queens

The Sunbather is a bronze sculpture nine feet tall and twice as long of a figure in repose. It was recently installed reclining in a shrubbery at the intersection of 43rd and Jackson Avenue in Queens. It’s the result of the Percent for Art Program, an initiative of the Department of Cultural Affairs in New […]

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A rendering of Wild Line

Wild Line

The Montauk Cutoff has been a Queens eyesore for years, an unused remnant of the much more widespread passenger rail system that used to weave among the New York streets. It makes a wavy C-shape from the old “Yard A” at its north end to its south terminus where Dutch Kills Tributary meets Newtown Creek, […]

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As Queens’ Economy is Revitalized, Its Cultural Identity Shines

“Remember old New York, where immigrants strived, cultures collided, grit outshined glamour and ethnic restaurants were filled with ethnic crowds, not Instagramming foodies? Before Manhattan commerce was diluted with H&M and Starbucks, and Brooklyn became half hipster playground, half suburb substitute? That city lives on in Queens…” ~Seth Kugel for The New York Times Queens, […]

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Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Scupture Park: Once a Landfill, Now a Cultural Hub in Queens

In New York City, you can find art just about anywhere. Of course there are the countless private and independent museums and galleries, but you don’t even need to set foot indoors to find incredible curated displays. The city itself is an architect’s dream; the buildings and parks are visually stunning and unique. The city’s […]

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Cultivators of Culture: MoMA PS1

What we know today as MoMA PS1 is not the same institution as it was when it first began as an entity of the Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Inc.–over forty years ago. Founded by Alanna Heiss in 1971, PS1’s first major exhibition at its Queens location opened in 1976. For two decades after […]

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Queens Taste 2013 is on its way

Queens Taste 2013

Looking for a good place to taste all the best food in Queens? The Queens Taste 2013 has you covered. The event, which takes place on Tuesday, May 14th, will bring together food and drink vendors from across the borough in a tasting and networking event. Every type of food imaginable will be there—from Mexican […]

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