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Three photos. The first is of the original

Botched Statue Restoration Compared to Infamous ‘Ecce Homo’ Incident

The recent restoration of the 16th-century St. George wooden statue displayed at St. Michael’s Church in Estella, Spain is being compared to 2012’s infamous botched restoration of “Ecce Homo,” a painting of Jesus. “‘Navarre’s Ecce Homo’: Another church in Spain falls victim to a well-intentioned restorer,” a CNN headline reads. Other outlets, such as ABC, […]

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Jackson Pollock's Number 32.

Pollock’s Number 32 Gets Scrubbed

If you think creating masterful pieces of art is difficult, try cleaning them. One of Jackson Pollock’s premier paintings, 1950’s Number 32, is the subject of a new, innovative cleaning technique. As it advances in age—it turns 66 this year!—the painting has acquired a yellowish tone where it should be white. Luckily, Otto Hubacek, director […]

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A gray and black Turner Prize 2015 logo.

A Collective Wins Coveted Turner Prize

A group of young architects and designers has been awarded this year’s Turner Prize, one of the most prestigious art awards in the United Kingdom. The London-based group, called Assemble, was chosen as the recipient because of their work to restore condemned Victorian terraces in Granby Four Streets, a rundown part of Liverpool. With the […]

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