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A person with their mouth sewn shut.

The Relationship Between Art Censorship and Dictatorship

When most people think of a dictator, they picture a violent leader who physically enslaves his citizens. But the modern-day tyrant is much more dangerous due to his subtle approach to totalitarianism. Rather than commit overt acts of oppression, he’s much more likely to engage in indirect forms of it. One common tactic involves the […]

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A cast of Mino da Fiesole's Portrait of a Young Woman at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

59 Renaissance Sculptures Discovered

Now for some good news! Art historians have uncovered a whopping 59 sculptures from the Italian Renaissance, which had been missing from the Pushkin Museum in Moscow since World War II. These sculptures include works by Donatello, Giovanni Pisano, and Andrea del Verrocchio, among other famous artists. The works were discovered in a flak tower […]

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NYO-USA includes students from 42 states/

National Youth Orchestra Kicks Off

A cocktail party hosted by Ronald Perelman of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings fame celebrated the opening of Carnegie Hall’s 2013 National Youth Orchestra program last week. Carnegie’s Weill Music Institute brings together each year 120 of “the brightest young players across the country” to create the orchestra, and together they tour some of the world’s […]

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