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A portrait of impressionist painter Claude Monet in 1901. Monet once owned a sculpture of a cat that has recently resurfaced after years of being lost.

Monet’s Biscuit Cat Found After Years of Being Lost

Art historians interested in Claude Monet have taken down their “LOST CAT” signs stapled to light poles and bulletin boards across the U.S. Only kidding. But the glazed biscuit cat from Japan, which once belonged to Monet, has indeed been discovered after years of searching for it, according to The Art Newspaper. The cat sculpture […]

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A drawing of a giant octopus sinking a ship.

Sculpture Artist Honors Ferry Sunk by Octopus

The monument is a modest one, as disaster memorials tend to be; a chest-high marble plinth topped by an evocative bronze sculpture of the event itself cast in rich detail and fronted by an informational plaque. It’s dedicated to the 1963 sinking of the Staten Island Ferry by a giant octopus just off the shores […]

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A photo of the

The Dissection of Sigmund Freud

Nychos, a street artist from Austria, is all about taking things apart. Well-known for his massive murals showing exploded anatomical views of pop culture characters and animals, he’s turning his attention and skills to another figure known for a different kind of dissection: Sigmund Freud. In a new sculpture for New York City’s Flatiron Plaza, […]

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Judith Scott sculpture

Coming Soon: Judith Scott – Bound and Unbound at the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is one of New York City’s finest cultural institutions; its programming always offers compelling exhibitions from local and international artists, and its permanent collection is rich with ancient Egyptian masterpieces, decorative arts, contemporary works, and almost everything in between. This fall, the museum welcomes an array of incredible exhibitions, including one that […]

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Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art Presents: A Collection of Ideas

“At the time of the Museum of Modern Art’s founding, in 1929, the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ coincided effortlessly,” explains MoMA’s Architecture and Design department. “Since then, MoMA curators have sought to distill a timeless ideal of visual presence and meaning from different circumstances, all the while revising and reconsidering the initial paradigms of modern […]

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Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly, A Legend Among Artists

Ellsworth Kelly is turning ninety years old. As an artist, that means he’s had plenty of time to create a sizeable collection of work. Painting, sculpture, drawing, posters—none of it falls outside his realm. He’s literally done it all. And no one’s a bigger fan of Mr. Ellsworth’s work than the MoMA, and especially its […]

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Von Rydingsvard's work is large-scale and bold.

Against the Grain: Ursula von Rydingsvard

At 70 years old, sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard is anything but fragile. She’s a sculptor, and her medium is red cedar—which she has become allergic to after working with it for nearly 35 years. Her sculptures are large-scale, and she carves for up to eight hours per day inside of a protective suit weighing 15 […]

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MoMA Digital Member Lounge

MoMA Takes Collections Online With Digital Member Lounge

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is working to extend its reach by creating a new “Digital Member Lounge.” Many museums today have struggled for the simple reason that visitors must come on-site to view collections. But as we’ve entered into the digital age, MoMA has realized that it must follow suit. The MoMA Digital […]

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