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An attractive woman with bright pink hair. She is covered in tattoos.

Love Your Tattoos? Why Not Preserve Them After You Die?

The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) is a nonprofit organization that allows people to preserve their tattoos after they die. Much like a photo or a painting, the tattoo is sealed in a frame. The “work of art” is then given to the deceased’s loved ones, who then hang it up […]

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An attractive young woman covered in tattoos.

New Exhibit Explores the History of American Tattoos

Last Friday, The New-York Historical Society introduced a new exhibit called “Tattooed New York.” The exhibit explores New York’s tattoo history, beginning with its origins in Native American culture. Indigenous people used tattoos for one primary reason: to mark themselves as belonging to a certain tribe. But it was also commonplace for warriors to get […]

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A beautiful woman wearing a turban. She has tattoos on her hands.

The Forbidden Art Form

In the Middle East, tattoos are considered forbidden. But that doesn’t stop 30-year-old Hazim Naouri from giving them. Naouri is the owner of Huzz Ink, a popular tattoo parlor in Jordan. For him, tattoos are more than just skin deep. “My goal is to give the chance to people to express themselves on their skin,” […]

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A tattoo artist's hand at the ready, needle in grasp.

Scott Campbell Holds Art-Lottery for Mystery Tattoos

Tattoo artist to stars like Sting, Robert Downey Jr, and Jennifer Aniston, Scott Campbell is a name you might have heard before. An unusual level of public acclaim for an inker without his own television show. And he’s aware of that too. It’s a field where one’s best art is seen by a select few […]

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Girl with tattoo on beach

Tattoos: Anarchy or Artistry?

Tattoos have been a part of human society for thousands of years. The designs can simply be ornamental or incorporate complex symbolism. They can be elaborate or simple, and can represent anything from religion to punishment to status. A loved one can even be remembered or honored with a tattoo. The earliest evidence of tattoos […]

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