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matisse cut outs at moma

Supporting the Arts

  Why should you support the arts? Aren’t there better causes to donate to? Well, sure, you could argue that cancer research, fighting homelessness, or any number of other issues are more deserving of your money, but the arts are quite important too. Art is part of culture, and whether you’re helping to preserve existing […]

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kara walker a subtlety in Brooklyn

Kara Walker Addresses Responses to her Brooklyn Installation

Last summer, artist Kara Walker created an installation of epic proportions in her Brooklyn exhibition, “A Subtlety.” Presented by Creative Time, “A Subtlety” was created to honor people that have been historically exploited and marginalized; it was set, appropriately, in the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg. Recently, Walker responded to the reactions “A Subtlety” received […]

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Charles Chaz Bojorquez graffiti artist

Graffiti Art Icon: Charles ‘Chaz’ Bojórquez

Los Angeles has long been known for its graffiti artists. Names like Shepard Fairey, JR, and Morley have been making the streets of LA more colorful and culturally charged, alongside countless street artists who have emblazoned their personal tags to the sides of buildings across the city. One artists that has been tagging LA for […]

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artist trust seattle

Cultivators of Culture: Artist Trust

In cites where arts and culture are vital to the health of many communities, the presence of organizations that foster an appreciation for the arts, raise funds for local artists, and support community members that work to bring the arts to the forefront is absolutely necessary. The local arts communities from New York City to Los Angeles would be at […]

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